12353 Pinehurst Dr HERS Index

Above is Energy Star’s independent certification of 12353 Pinehurst Dr. showing an estimated cost savings of $2,878 annually in comparison to the typical existing home. The home is also 100% electric so you do not have a natural gas service fee . In Kansas that service fee is $15.35 per month, translating into $184 saved per year. Between the energy savings and no gas service fee, the homeowner saves $2,878 + $184 = $3,062 per year.

Over a 30 year mortgage, that’s a lot of money. It’s even more when you remember that energy costs are not fixed. According the the US Energy Information Administration, from 2002 to 2012 the average cost per kWh grew from 8.44 cents to 11.88 cents (table 2.4). That’s an inflation rate of 3.48%. The Kansas City eco non-profit, Bridging the Gap,  published a great article on their website about our house highlighting just how much that saves you on your mortgage. Spoiler alert, it’s 37% per year.

Here is a graph showing what that actually looks like. (Their numbers are slightly different than ours since we use $3,062, and they use a savings approximation of $3,000.)
Energy Savings as Percent of Mortgage

There is another way to look at all of these savings. It’s money that you would not have if you lived in another house. So, 100% of that savings could be reinvested instead of spent every year. For our calculation, we will use the long term S&P 500 rate of return. As of 2013, the annualized rate of return over the previous 20 years was 9.22%. By assuming a 3.48% energy inflation and a 9.22% return on invested savings, the final tally at the end of a 30 year mortgage is $603,034 in savings. Click on the chart below to see what that looks like year by year.
Energy Savings Over 30 Year Mortgage - Reinvested

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